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World War Two Evacuee Tea Cosy

Inspired by history and the poor little evacuee children who were evacuated for their own protection during World War 2.

World War Two Evacuee Tea CosyI love history, particularly the social side of history; the old stories of people lives that folk tell of cups of tea. So I wanted to make an evacuee tea cosy depicting a child evacuee from World War two who is perhaps stood at the station waiting for a train to whisk them away.

The design includes a child who is wearing a duffle coat. I Have given the child a pageboy hairstyle so that it could be Tea-na or Ant-tea-ny. I thought I'd make a hat that would work for both too.

The child has a gas mask box, a label and a suitcase, and most importantly of all a teddy bear companion.

All the colours of the design may change, however photos of the age all look very brown and grey, and I would like the tea cosy to have a bit of colour to lift it.

I know that World War 2 evacuee children all had unique experiences of this time, and that many were separated from their parents, and I don't think they stories are heard enough. So its with heartfelt compassion that I design this tea cosy of the little child evacuee.

World War Two Evacuee Tea CosyWorld War Two Evacuee Tea CosyWorld War Two Evacuee Tea Cosy

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