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Knitting and crochet videos page.

Sometimes we all need a bit of help with our knitting either because we don't understand what the pattern is telling us to do or because we need some reassurance that what we think we should be doing is right.

I'm not an expert knitter myself, and some times I need help and when I do I call on my friends who also love knitting to see if they have any experience of what I'm stuck on. I do find that sometimes when people explain that I get it and other times I just don't get my head around it, and I need showing. So this page is dedicated to showing you some of the trickier bits, because sometimes it's nice to be shown.

If you need help learning to knit or to crochet, I suggest you visit YouTube and watch live videos that can take you through every step of the way. The link takes you to Casting on for knitting to get you started. There are lots of tutorial videos showing you how to do all of the basics. Make sure you have your knitting needles or crochet hook and yarn with you at the time so that you can 'watch and do' at the same time.

Happy Knitting!

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